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When you wake up one morning and discover you're really a god...

what do you do? With a reflection in the mirror that isn't his own and a voice inside his mind calling himself "Loki", the down-on-his-luck but still lovable street magician Lars Kristensen has the same question... and the answers are about to make the 1920s roar!

Episode 1: Loki's exile

— a classic 2D point-and-click adventure game set in a unique world that combines the epic tales of Norse mythology with all the action and intrigue of the big band swing-era United States.

Players will explore a rich and full tale jam-packed with unique characters, big twists, and surprises of truly mythological proportions. Along with players, the game can be a great opportunity for bettors too. Understand the game well and try your luck in betting too. But make sure to check the best betting platforms in 2022 to enjoy a safe betting experience.

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Episode 1