Loki’s Exile: The Kickstarter - Day 2!

Wow! We want to take a moment to thank everyone for the awesome showing of support so far - At the time of this posting over 40 people have generously backed our project, and we think that’s a great start! Our Facebook page and post about the Kickstarter has gotten a lot of views and shares, and we’re even starting to get some media coverage! Alexander Bradley of Anything Geeky Reviewed has been gracious enough to put up some very kind words about our game that will hopefully help spread the word.

We have lots more planned and in store for the next thirty days, so follow our blog, Facebook and Twitter for more news and updates incoming soon. In the mean time, thank you again to everyone who has backed and supported us so far, and please remember - We need your help to make Loki’s Exile a reality. Every dollar pledged, from one to one hundred, makes a difference. Stay tuned for more!

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