Loki´s Exile - Rán´s Portait

Hello people! The launch date is right around the corner and soon the countdown can begin. Meanwhile we have for you a portrait of the sea Goddess Ran
With her name meaning “Robber”, this describes her dangerous and unpredictable nature well.
Ran is the wife of Ægir the Sea God, together they have nine daughters who are known as the Billow Maidens. They live beneath the ocean and everything that falls in the sea is counted as a gift to Rán.
She has a net that she uses to captures and drags seafarers down to a feast in her underwater abode. At this feast all things would self-serve under her command, both food and ale and other implements needful to the feast.
The drowned unfortunate seafarers where treated well if they carried gold with them, as Rán loves Gold.

ran png


“In the deep sea caves
By the sounding shore,
In the dashing waves
When the wild storms roar,  
In Her cold green bowers,
n the Northern Fiords,
She lurks and She glowers,
She grasps and She hoards
And She spreads Her strong
Net for Her prey.”
— James Baldwin-


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