About Norse Noir: Loki’s Exile


Norse Noir: Loki’s Exile - A classic style, hand-drawn adventure game, where the roaring 20s and Scandinavian mythology collide!

Loki’s Exile is KreativeSpill’s love letter to the classic point-and-click adventure games most of us on the team grew up playing, using a simple, era-inspired art style that helps to set the light-hearted tone of our glimpse into the swing music years of the United States.

Gameplay & Story:

With an estimated length of between three and four hours, and a price point to match, Norse Noir: Loki’s Exile is the first episode in a planned series of titles revolving around the setting and characters introduced in this game.

The opening of Norse Noir: Loki’s Exile finds our “hero” in trouble right from the start.

In Loki’s Exile players take the role of Lars Kristiansen, down-on-his-luck street magician and former low-level courier for the local mafia. Sinking under debt to the city’s new crime bosses, a ruthless trio of sisters named the Swahns, Lars has three days to pay back everything he owes or, as he was so succinctly told, “else”.

What starts as a quick quest for cash quickly grows into something more as Lars stumbles a mysterious pendant that threatens to turn his whole life upside down. With danger, mysteries and odd occurrences around every corner Lars will have to use every trick in the book and then some to save his own skin… and just maybe the world, too.

With design inspiration from classic creators such as Ron Gilbert, Roberta Williams and Tim Schafer and writing influence from writers such as Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison, we aim to tell a light-hearted and intriguing story with truly cosmic implications, chock full of classic-but-sensible puzzle elements.


Taking queues from the dawning age of animation and pulp comics, Norse Noir: Loki’s Exile offers a clean, art-deco influenced sensibility, designed to harken to the years of black-and-white cinema and hard boiled detectives.

Bus terminal location, with scale references

Each painting and environment to explore is digitally hand-painted by our lead artist and filled with unique touches and details to interact with. Likewise, our cut-scenes in the game are presented in a “comic book” style presentation, each panel painted by hand as we tell the story of Loki’s Exile.

Each character NPC encountered is also drawn and animated purely by hand, often utilizing rotoscoping techniques to offer lifelike, fluid movement in our animations.


With the big-band setting of our story, it only fits that our soundtrack would follow suit. Newcomer to the industry Jon Helmer Dahl is currently a student in his third year at NITH and is already hard at work crafting the soundtrack for Norse Noir: Loki’s Exile. Samples and more will be available soon.


Norse Noir: Loki’s Exile is aiming for a November, 2014 release date (subject to change) and will be available for PC and Mac via several distribution methods. Our hope is to offer the game on Steam, Desura, Good Old Games, and more.

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